How Do You Start With Facebook Ads using the Engagement Objective?

Getting Started

So you decided to jump into the world of digital marketing and concentrate on Facebook ads. Facebook ads can be a fantastic tool if you take the time to learn how to use them and learn a few of the strategies that help you succeed on Facebook.

I won’t go…

Learning about exposure: Part 1 — ISO

When someone asks me about exposure, I tell them how ISO, Shutter Angle, and Fstop affect the light that reaches the sensor. In essence, they all do the same thing. …

What’s in a kiss?

A kiss is a powerful thing. I can’t remember a kiss that didn’t move me or made me feel something special. A kiss on the lips with someone you like can be the ultimate way of communicating feelings towards them. …

Adrian Pedrin Valencia

Film Director | Obsessed with Light | Video Gamer | Creator | Marketing Enthusiast |

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