Best Offensive Titan for Frontier Defense in Titanfall 2

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readFeb 3, 2021

The answer is Northstar.

Northstar is an Offensive Sniper Titan. Very weak in taking damage but very strong in dishing it out.

The Northstar's kit Includes a Piercing shot, which is the one I use the most right now. Enhanced Payload is a kit I’m trying out in my next battles. Twin Trap fires 2 tether traps instead of one is also worth mentioning. It can be coupled with the first Aegis Upgrade: Explosive Traps. The 4th Northstar Aegis Upgrade gives you another charge of Tether Traps. That’s a total of 4 tether traps that explode.

You can charge its sniper railgun. It’s able to take down the heaviest of Titans in 3 charged shots. The 3rd Aegis Upgrade lets you charge the Railgun Faster without a damage penalty. The Railgun is without a doubt its strongest attack. Its Core attack is not as strong as one would hope. If I’m lucky, I get to take down 1 titan with it.

I try and use the cluster missile after I have laid a tether trap so the enemy Titan is immobilized. that’s how the Cluster Missile works best.

In my Titan Kit, I use the Overcore so I can get its flight core ability faster since It’s a bit weak on damage. On its Northstar kit, I prefer Piercing Shot since it lets me dish out damage to multiple titans with one shot.

Remember to engage Titans from far away since Northstar is one of the weakest Titans in the game. Use your Titan's mobility to your advantage since this titan has a 3-star rating in mobility.

What do you think about the Northstar? have you played him in Frontier Defense?



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