Dauntless New Season Pass and New Frost Escalation.

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readFeb 5, 2021
Frost Escalation

The News season pass for dauntless is up and running today. It brings with it the new Frost Escalation.

Frost Escalation is different than other escalations because it has a new play mechanic. The longer you play and the more behemoths that you kill, the faster you get Frostbite. You freeze and, someone has to lower the frostbite level.

The normal frost Escalation was very easy. At one time, my teammates killed the behemoths before I arrived at the battleground. The hard Escalation, was way harder especially being level 1 in that Escalation. You need to pay attention to the Frostbite level when you play hard Escalation.

There are a few ways you can prevent frostbite or lower it.

  • There’s a new pylon that you can craft.
  • There are things called boons.
  • You can defeat the current behemoth and, it lowers frostbite.
  • You can use your avatar ability.

The avatar abilities are the most interesting part of this whole Escalation.

You select 1 of 4 Avatar Abilities at the start of the Escalation.

  • Avatar of Destruction — Increases your critical strike chance. Your critical hits reduce frostbite for all.
  • Avatar of Control — Increases your stagger damage. Reduce frostbite for all when a Behemoth is staggered.
  • Avatar of Unity — Grants a small chance to reduce frostbite when you hit and creates a shield for all party members. Two-second cooldown.
  • Avatar of Subtlety — You deal bonus wound damage. Reduce frostbite for all when a Behemoth is wounded or has a part broken.

The most important thing is to choose an ability that suits your weapon and playstyle if not, you’ll be in trouble. That’s what killed us in the hard escalation.

Feel free to check out the attached video of the normal Frost Escalation run.

This new Escalation and season will keep me playing a little bit longer. I’d say a week or 2.

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