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How I Doubled My Client’s Foot Traffic in 4 Months (Without Spending More on Ads)

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readFeb 28, 2024


As a digital marketer with over 7 years of experience, I’ve seen countless tactics come and go. But there’s one strategy that stands out for its ability to consistently boost ROI and ROAS: custom audiences and lookalikes, especially when combined into what I call the “Loop Effect.” Want to learn how it works and see a real-world example of its success? Let’s dive in!

What Makes Custom Audiences So Powerful?

Before we get into the “Loop Effect”, let’s understand the foundation. Custom audiences on platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to target ads directly to people who’ve already interacted with your business. This could include:

  • Website Visitors
  • People who’ve watched your videos
  • Customers from your email list
  • Those who engaged with your social media pages

This is way more effective than casting a wide net and hoping to catch the few people who might be interested. Custom audiences put your message in front of a warm audience.

The “Loop Effect” in Action: A Case Study

  • The Challenge: A local business client of mine was seeing decent engagement on their social media. Yet, that wasn’t translating into customers walking through the door, which was their primary goal.
  • The Solution:
  1. Shifting the Focus: Instead of generic awareness campaigns, we used video ads with compelling calls to action, like “Send a message to learn more” or “Visit our website to book a reservation.”
  2. Building the Core: These interactions built diverse custom audiences: people interested in special offers, live music events, etc.
  3. Strategic Expansion: We used those custom audiences to generate lookalikes, finding users with similar interests and demographics.
  4. The Loop: Successful ads fed more qualified leads into the custom audiences, refining them over time. In turn, this improved our lookalike audiences, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of increasing ad efficiency.
  • The Results: Here’s the exciting part: within four months, while maintaining the same ad budget, the client experienced nearly a 100% increase in foot traffic (from 18–24 customers a night to 35–40).

The Takeaway: It’s All About Refinement

The “Loop Effect” isn’t just about one big win. It’s about continual improvement:

  • Each campaign makes your custom audiences more accurate.
  • Your lookalikes start resembling your ideal customers more closely.
  • Over time, ad performance improves, and you get more bang for your buck.

Have you seen similar success with this approach? Any tips to share? Let’s discuss this in the comments! And if you’d like help implementing the “Loop Effect” in your own marketing, feel free to reach out at



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