How to lose weight without dieting.

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readJan 28, 2021

Since I can remember, I have battled with being overweight most of my life. I tried Exercise and Diets. I tried most of the diets and whatever kind of pill to lose fat. Nothing worked. Well, somethings did work but in the short term.

After most of my life being either on a diet or exercising, I gave up and ballooned to 248 Pounds. I’m 6'2", so that helped me not looking obese. Right now I’m at 209 Pounds and I have been for a few months now. No diet, exercise, or pills required.

If I want pizza, I eat pizza. If I want chips, I eat chips. No restrictions. No diet. How do I do it?

I eat the calories I’m supposed to eat. That’s the secret to being slim and staying that way.

Right now, I’m in a caloric deficit to lose 1 pound a week. As long as I don’t go over the calorie limit, I’m fine. No, I haven’t felt weak or dizzy.

My Fitness Pal app is your best friend here. It calculates how many calories you need to eat to lose 1 pound a week (a healthy way to lose weight). At first work on eating X amount of calories a week. Then start by eating X amount of calories from balanced meals.

Carbs, fat, and protein. Doesn’t matter if it’s good fat or bad fat. good or bad carbs. Get used to eating your calories.

After the time has passed, you will start modifying what type of food you put in your body.

It all starts with getting used to eating the calories you should be eating.

By doing this, you start to notice that eating half a pizza will take about 1000 calories. What if I eat only 1 slice? 250 calories. Craving satisfied without gaining weight. The idea is to get used to how many calories a food item has and how much you can eat.

What about exercise? There are two forms it benefits you.

  • Healthy body
  • Change your body.

If you exercise and are on a caloric deficit, you have to make up for the lost calories while exercising by eating more. Exercise is not for losing weight. It can be if you DONT start with a caloric deficit. The caloric deficit would come when you exercised.

This is what worked for me after about 25+ years of trying to lose weight. Hope it works for you too.



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