From Mediocre to Magnificent: How High-Quality Marketing Materials Tripled My Client’s Sales

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readJan 25, 2024
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In my career in marketing, I’ve nurtured a steadfast belief: the superior quality of marketing materials invariably leads to better outcomes. This isn’t just a baseless theory; it’s a conviction born from experience.

The “Oh Shiny” Effect

First, high-quality content grabs attention. This “oh shiny” effect is crucial. When your product shines through captivating content, it naturally diverts customer attention toward what you’re selling.

The Investment Insight

Here’s a fundamental insight that’s always resonated with me: How can customers be expected to invest in a product if the company itself hesitates to invest in quality advertising, especially for high-priced items? This reluctance could signal a lack of confidence in the product, discouraging potential buyers.

The Social Media Algorithm Challenge

A major hurdle is the nature of social media algorithms, which favor entertainment over quality. This means entertaining content gets promoted, while purely informative content does not. This understanding initially seemed to debunk my theory, until I ventured into paid advertising.



Adrian Pedrin Valencia

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