The one thing no one will tell you that could change your life.

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
3 min readSep 13, 2022

and why ignorance might be bliss.

The Problem

There is a current trend in the world right now that a lot of people seem to be taking advantage of. The worst thing about it is that it works.

The world as we know it right now is in the information age. Just looking at TikTok shows how many people are on there looking to learn something or life hacks. They are just bits and pieces of the whole picture but it’s enough to get you through the day.

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We already have an overload of Dopamin hits with Facebook and Instagram, but TikTok hit the last nail on the coffin. We have become addicted to one thing: Getting answers fast.

We are looking for quick and easy answers to hard and complex problems. We want the easy way of doing things because the internet has taught us that teenagers can become millionaires.

We only get to hear about the people who made it but not the thousands who didn’t. To me, that is the most important part of the story.

There is a reason why there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to do everything fast and easily. Most of the time that quick and easy way comes with a hefty price tag that people gladly pay.

A lot of people have a job they don’t like, which makes them want to reward themselves for doing something they don’t like. It’s either overspending or overeating, but results may vary.

So back to our title, what is the one thing no one will tell you that can change your life? actually, people will tell you about it but I needed one of those catchy headlines that would make you click.

By the way, if you clicked, then that proved my point.

The Answer

So what is it? Everything worth doing takes time.

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Want to lose weight? it takes time. First of all, it is not healthy to lose more than 2 pounds per week. You can, but it’s not healthy.



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