The Stark Reality of Paid vs. Organic Marketing: A Case Study in the Hospitality Industry.

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
3 min readJan 17, 2024
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The debate between paid and organic marketing strategies in digital marketing and social media is ongoing. Our agency’s case study with a local bar brings valuable insights into this discussion. We launched three holiday-themed drinks, with one promoted through paid advertising and the others relying on organic reach. The sales results offer a clear perspective on the effectiveness of these strategies in the hospitality industry.

The Experiment and Its Eye-Opening Results

The Setup:

In collaboration with a local bar, we introduced three seasonal drinks. One was marketed using paid advertising, while the other two were left to grow organically.

The Results:

The drink promoted through paid advertising outperformed its counterparts dramatically, recording sales that were 80% to 88% higher than the ones achieved by the drinks relying on organic strategies. This stark contrast raises a critical question about the efficacy of organic reach in today’s highly competitive market, especially in the hospitality sector.

The Power of Paid Advertising in Boosting Sales



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