What is Happening with Destiny 2?

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readJan 31, 2021
Visual representation of players running away from Destiny 2.

There was a time where I could play destiny every day for hours on end. Now it’s a miracle if I log in once a week. I have been offline for weeks at a time. I guess nothing is keeping me coming back.

I have bought the season pass a few times now, but I have not once completed it to 100. It takes too much time to do it. I did come close to finishing it when I logged in daily, but it still wasn’t enough.
Destiny 2 demands way too much time right now. I can finish the season pass on Dauntless in about 5–7 days. I even get free digital currency to buy the next season pass for playing dauntless. Destiny needs a season pass more like Dauntless and Fortnite. You can buy the next season’s pass for playing.

I have heard that next season will be different in Destiny 2. They are changing the weekly bounties and how they work. Will it be enough for me to come back? We will see.

For me, destiny 2 became very grind oriented. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good grind for awesome loot. I’m first in line for it, but Destiny 2 stepped over the grind line.

I would love some solo player endgame activities if I’m being honest. I use to come back for the level up grind, but I don’t have a reason to hit the level cap.

The Hawkmoon quest, I didn’t finish it. I still don’t have the Hawkmoon, and I don’t think ill get it. This season at least. Why should I get it? So I can use it on the same strikes I have played since day 1?

The last time I loved playing destiny was when we got to travel back in time and save Saint 14. That was worth the price of the season pass, It was amazing. We need more content like that.

What do you guys think? Are you even playing Destiny 2 in 2021? Are you hyped up for the next season coming up on Feb 9th?

More players running away from Destiny 2 as time goes by.



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