Why you should Download Doom Eternal Now! (Available on Xbox Gamepass).

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readJan 24, 2021

One of the best experiences in gaming I had last year (2020) was Doom Eternal. Before I get into why that is, first I need to tell you something…

I Disliked the Doom Reboot from 2016. I Remember Downloading it from Xbox Gamepass. I played it for 20–30 mins, disliked it so much that I Uninstalled it. That was the end of it.

Fast forward to 2020 and Xbox Gamepass released Doom eternal. (thanks to Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda). I had nothing better to play at the moment so I decided to give it a try.

I have no idea what happened but I got hooked. I fell in love with how the game works and all its weapons. I favored the double-barreled shotgun with the grappling hook.

The game plays a bit differently than your normal FPS game. The control scheme is a bit different and gets a bit getting used to, but when you get used to it…it feels amazing.

You have a few abilities that I won’t get into that much except for my favorite one… Slow-motion when aiming your weapon.

Imagine shooting your grappling hook at an enemy while traveling towards them in slow motion. Blasting to pieces any enemy in slow motion never got old… NEVER!

There aren’t a lot of guns like in other FPS games. Most of the guns have a secondary function giving you a bit of diversity. Most of the guns got updated from the original Doom game. Nice nostalgic touch.

I enjoyed the progression system and unlocking abilities. Unlocking special armor (cosmetic) like the original Doom costume.

Is the 57GB download worth it? without a doubt, it is.

The game does a very good job of hyping you up about being the slayer. You feel badass throughout the game.



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