Why you should check out Fatman starring Mel Gibson as Santa Clause.

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
2 min readJan 25, 2021

Fatman is the movie we didn’t know we wanted. It’s a gritty re-imagining of Santa Clause. Elves Included.

Mel Gibson stars as Santa Clause who is having financial troubles. Part of the movie is about how Santa makes the toys and keeps his whole operation alive in the “north pole”.

Walton Goggins stars as the “Skinny Man”. The Skinny Man is a cold-hearted assassin for hire who gets tasked with killing Santa Clause. Goggins’s story arc is by far the most interesting part of the story.

Chance Hurtsfield stars as Billy. Billy is a rich kid brat who always gets what he wants. Since Billy is a naughty boy, Santa gives him coal for Christmas. Billy then hires the Skinny Man to kill Santa.

Both stars play excellent roles. I have stated in the past that Goggins is one of this generation’s most underrated actors. He shines brighter than a diamond every time he acts. This film is no exception.

If watching this film for Mel Gibson playing Santa is not enough, then watch it for Goggins playing a sadistic, vengeful hitman.

As a guy who grew up with 80’s action movies, I found this film enjoyable and hitting the spot to quench my ridiculous action movie thirst. It’s not heavy on action but the action it does have is solid.



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