You Want To Be A Filmmaker? Get This Camera!

Adrian Pedrin Valencia
3 min readFeb 6, 2021

Introduction: In the evolving world of filmmaking, choosing the right camera is crucial for anyone serious about entering this field. As a veteran in the industry, I have witnessed various technological advancements, and I believe the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K) stands out as a top contender for aspiring filmmakers.

Experience and Credibility: I’ve been immersed in filmmaking since the days of DV — a term that might sound foreign to newcomers, but it marks an era of significant technological shifts. My journey through these changes, from HDSLRs to the present, has given me a comprehensive view of what technology works best for different filmmaking needs.

The Advantages of BMPCC 4K:

  1. Affordability: Priced at $1295, the BMPCC 4K offers exceptional value. For under $2,500 (including essential accessories), you get a tool that rivals more expensive counterparts like the 5D Mark II, which couldn’t even record video at 24fps.

2. Technical Features:

  • 4K Raw Video: In today’s filmmaking, 4K raw is a luxury that makes post-production, especially color grading, a breeze.
  • XLR Audio Input: High-quality audio capture is possible without external sync — a beginner’s boon.
  • False Color: This feature, rare in this price range, is vital for achieving well-exposed images without a light meter.
  • Dynamic Range & Color Science: With 13 stops of dynamic range and superior color science, this camera brings cinematic quality to your footage.
  • Audio Monitoring: Earlier, this feature was a luxury in high-end cameras or required hacks in models like Canon.

Personal Experience with BMPCC 4K: In my current Docu-Series project, the BMPCC 4K’s audio quality was so impressive that I preferred it over external recordings. Its resemblance to expensive cinema cameras, with features like shutter angle, elevates its utility. Notably, the ability to use custom LUTs in-camera is a game-changer, allowing for real-time visual feedback on the look you’re aiming for.

Comparison with Past Technologies: Reflecting on my first feature film shot with the original Blackmagic Pocket Camera, the BMPCC 4K feels like an advanced…

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